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I received a note from a colleague this afternoon. It seemed a bit distressed. The subject stated, “Failing economy has devastated drug and alcohol rehab admissions”. My first thought was “what should I do about this?” But then I realized that our admissions are exactly what our goals and business plan projected. In fact, I have been a bit stressed about space issues. I have single room requests and not enough singles available for the requests.

The letter went on to say that the potential recession in the United States was taking its toll on drug and alcohol rehab programs. I thought to myself, well that makes sense, what are we going to do? Maybe we should cancel our two new facilitators just in case. As quickly as that thought came it went. Why, because we are planning for the post holiday remorse and the snow-bird syndrome to flood the system as it does every year. Our reservations and waiting list is at near capacity and our expansion plans are being forced to implementation sooner rather than later!

Why is this occurring you may ask? Our center employs an attitude and expectation of expansion. We continue to implement strategies that attract growth. We focus on what we want, the guests we serve, and fulfilling the desires and objectives for recovery in the lives of those challenged with addiction. It is the same success principles we teach in our core curriculum. Imagine if we taught folks how to live a happy, joyous, prosperous, clean and sober life and then did not live it ourselves?

What a way to start a thank you letter! The purpose of this blog is an open “THANK YOU” to all the guests we have assisted and all of the input and diligent work that our staff and management team has put in to becoming the number one drug and alcohol rehab in “The America’s”.

Thank you,

Dan ☺

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