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I learned so many lessons in my early years of sobriety, my early years of recovery from alcoholism & addiction.  Today I can draw from my experiences because of those early years.  In April of 1988 I knew that I knew that I wanted more in my life.  I found myself surrounded by people in the bar, at the after hours parties, even when I was at the house I was sharing with my partying friends.  The house I was living in was on the edge of town in Cortland, NY where I was attending college, my sixth year in a four year program!  The house came to life when the bars closed.  We had a huge pool table, a bar with a half keg tapped through the refrigerator, a music studio with amps, drum kit, keyboards, a P.A. system etc…  Each night the music was cranking and the girls were flowing, I was popular but on the inside with everyone around me, I felt alone!

I finally made the decision that I could no longer live the life I was living, I had two children, I wanted to be a father, I wanted to be responsible, I wanted to be loved and love!  I was alone and desperate on the inside.  I arrived at the beginning of my new journey! I just knew that I wanted to change, I wanted peace of mind, I wanted to be everything I could be.  Fortunately for me, I met people that wanted to help me.  I met people that gave me suggestions based upon what they knew worked.  They knew it worked because they utilized the same strategies to overcome alcoholism and addiction.

I guess you can say I surrendered.  I was always stuck up in my head, I needed the answers to the questions I had.  I was confused about life, God, & faith.  I made the decision that I was going to remain teachable, I was going to listen and accept what the folks that were successful already were telling me.  I wanted what they had!  I made the decision to stop challenging what I did not understand.  My friend and sponsor Joe O’Sullivan would say to me “Danny, faith without doubt is not faith”.  It is normal to doubt, just don’t live in the doubt.  Continue taking the next right step.    Have the courage to believe even when the doubt creeps in.  Have the courage to do the next right thing even when you make mistakes.

Today, based upon the early advice and the fact that I utilized the advice, my actions are in congruence with the advice I received.  Today I take action based upon the practice I received in early recovery.  Today my faith is stronger, my doubt is weaker and I act even when the fear creeps in!

Make the decision to take the risks today, those actions are the building blocks of faith!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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