A colleague recently asked me: “What prompted you to enter behavioral health/social work?”

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My response, “My family impressed upon me the need in our lives for community service. Helping others is essential aspect of our lives. Community and family are one!”

He responded, “So it was really an internal/natural desire to help people, right?”

Me, “Yes coupled with our family belief system.”

We live in a complicated world, often a cynical world. I must admit I am pulled into that thinking as well at times. However, living my life worrying about the cynics is counter productive. I choose to be happy, I choose to be true to who I believe I am and was raised to be.  Today, I am an accomplished “Social Entrepreneur” with a mission that is still based on those “Callahan” values.  I am proud of the work I do and my family and many friends have followed and joined in on that work, human service.

I believe that in the recovery process an integral aspect lies in our ability to live a mission-driven life based on our values and purpose or vocational calling.  This equates to “hope,” the driving force behind the joy that fuels us to keep striving one day at a time!

I love life, I love my family, friends and community. Today my community is a whole lot larger!

Life is Goooood,  Go, Go, Go…


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