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logo_topMeaningful use is using certified electronic health record (EHR) technology to: Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities. Engage patients and family. Improve care coordination, and population and public health. Maintain privacy and security of patient health information. Feb 6, 2015

As the advertisement says, “Finally an EHR that doesn’t suck!”…   In the mid-1990’s I was part of an agency that brought in an Electronic Medical Record system. I remember going through the training and thinking “wow, if this could be simplified it could be huge!”  It brought me back to a conversation I once had with my grandfather as a teen.  My grandfather one night said to me, “Danny one day you are going to be a supervisor!”  I said, “wow, thanks Poppy!”  His reply perplexed me, “Danny that is not a compliment, if you know anything about supervisors you know that they are all the laziest people and that is how they become supervisors.”  My dad called me a character because I always found the easiest way to accomplish something or I got someone else to do it for me!  As a Clinician I loved my career path, but I hated paperwork.  I knew if I felt that way so did others!

Over the years as a human service professional, I recognized that there are two types of clinicians; 1) The Studs, they were the people that were great with people, awesome communicators and connectors! 2) The Paper Pushers, they were the folks that were excellent with getting their notes and documentation completed thoroughly and on time, but their people skills were not up to par.  In 2010, we set out to build a system that would create the “Ultimate Clinician.”  In 2014, we launched ZenCharts the Intelligent EHR so Clinicians could “Make Peace with Paperwork!”

Our goal was threefold: A) Ensure Regulatory Compliance, B) Ensure every Client meets Medical Necessity as defined by the Insurers and C) To allow Clinicians to do what they do best, work with people and minimize the paperwork nightmare!  Zen Charts has attained these goals and has taken Behavioral Health, Addiction Treatment to a new level!  For more information or to schedule a Demo go to ZenCharts.com 

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