You say you want Recoverlution…

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There is a segment of our population that believes there is no fun in the recovered life.  We use it as an excuse to stay stuck!  In Southwest Florida we have begun a “Recoverlution”.  It looks like we may have this great music ministry “Radiant Worship” heading our way from Kansas City Missouri, they are an unbelievable band.  I recently purchased their CD “The Overflow — Live Spontaneous Music”.  The frontman Richy Clark has a rich (no pun intended) magnificent Godly voice.  It reminds me a bit of the Irish Band “Hothouse Flowers” frontman Liam O Maonlai’s sound.  Opening with “Take Me In” is a record that immediately stirs you to tears and praise to God. If you enjoy that U2 influenced style of Christian Rock you will love this band.  We look forward to a super kickoff of “Recoverlution”.

“Recoverlution” is an outreach to the community, Nation and the Recovering world.  It is our way of showing the world that recovery is life!  Christian Recovery works.  “Faith Based Recovery” is the newest buzz word circulating the treatment field.  Which brings me to an important point about Christian Recovery, our ministry, “Freedom Recovery” is an ancillary feature in the recovery process.  It is not a replacement for AA, NA, CA, CR, EA or any other “A” in the twelve step genre of treatment and recovery.  “Freedom Recovery” is a growing movement in Southwest Florida.  It is an educational service, a spiritual enhancer or guide, and a fellowship of people seeking a spiritual connection with God.

Here is a quick note of explanation to ward off the “Nazi’s” from both sides of the aisle.  Hey honestly the christian community was practically clueless and in many cases detrimental to the recovery process and community for way too many years.  That is no longer the case for most of the Christian leaders in the know.  AA and the twelve step genre of recovery has, does and will continue to help people in a huge way.  However, they too have their flaws, and they have good reason for them.  How many people have we seen think that they can just go to church and they are cured?  Too many to be honest.  Does it happen?  Sure does, people have been relieved of the burden and affliction of addiction at church.  Is it the rule?  Nope!

“Freedom Recovery” is a way to change the way we think.  It assists participants to build on their recovery.  It is a bridge builder that encourages individuals to continue to attend their primary recovery groups.  If they are attending church to continue to do so.  If they are not attending church we do not push them to do so.  It allows the participant to share their faith if they choose to without being scolded or ridiculed for doing so.  We struggle with nothing we live a happy, joyous and free life in Christ, and we focus on that and not our limitations.  It is a “Recoverlution”!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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