Wipe it Clean…

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“I tell my wife, ‘Don’t look at that event, wipe it clean and look at hope.” — Alan Kiceina

Many of us in recovery or preparing to recover have met with our share of adversity. We tend to see adversity as if we are victims of it. Recently I read a story of a young lady that choked on a tortilla chip, went into cardiac arrest and was last known to be in a coma. The family was devastated however, grateful that their daughter continued to fight for her life on a respirator. The quote I used above by her father applies to us all whether we are in recovery or not, we must cling to “HOPE”.

There is nothing that we can do to change the past actions of others nor of ourselves. We need to be grateful for the day and cling to the hope that we have tomorrow and we can achieve the joy we have always sought. When it comes to wrongs being done to us we need to ask ourselves if we had done something similar to another while addicted what would we want the individual(s) to do? Yes I am aware that some things that are done to us are reprehensible and we would never personally commit such an act, however, what if? What if we did stoop to such a low? How would we want to be treated when we seek forgiveness?

I believe it comes down to one statement, do I want to be right or happy? If carrying resentment is holding me back then I must take action to free myself from this bondage. Life is too good to waste on hurt, resentment, fear or anguish…

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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william hay May 1, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Hello Dan,
I love the simplicity within your message. It amazes me how I myself can forget “do I want to be right or happy”. I can only speak for myself in saying, I at times wake to a simple life and then I throw in all the complications in defense of my negative thinking LOL. HOPE is a word I cannot afford to forget, and to just keep it simple, the A B Cs of life. that always leave me feeling positive, no matter the external stuff of the day. To let go of our self-righteousness is to be free from the bondage of self. I often recall what I did to those who loved me in the midst of my addiction, and know that I cetianly cannot throw the first stone!
Love you Dan,

william e hay May 2, 2012 at 9:51 am

Good morning Dan, as my sponsor often will say, I don’t have room to carry anybody elses sh—- on my back, I have enough of my own! Resentments which are a foundation for negativity is a disease within the isms of the alcohol that ate away at us and if they are not addressed and let go of, well it is not a happy ending. I myself have discovered resentments through my first year back that I thought were long passed, thank God that I realize I cannot throw the first stone! However, I must work the steps in letting them go, to grow and be truely free of the bondage of self. What a wonderful gift to have a sober and clear mind, self awareness and being honest, not in denial. The work is intense at times, but just as when I lift wieghts for 2 hours, hit the heavy bag that also is exhausting. The fun part is in doing the work, as you leave a meeting or your gym, you always feel great and free to live in the moment with joy, happiness, and freedom of the bodage of self. Amen
Love ya Dan,

r May 9, 2012 at 2:26 am

Genesis!!!HOPE.,Thanks Dan, and W., Today is 08/05/2012.
Meditation.,decided to do a bit of Reading…
Good to see your words again Dan, remember many.
Keep up the Good Work, You work thru others, keep it flowing…

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