Winning is an inside job!

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We become what we think about.  Earl Nightingale.

In 1998 I made the decision to adopt a new focus in life.  I began to focus on self-improvement rather than self-help.  I stopped reading disempowering dysfunction focused material and began to read and implement strengths based empowering focused material.  No more “what is wrong with me?” material, only a focus on what is right with me, where am I heading, and what do I want to be, do and have!

I had attained my Masters of Social Work degree and had been involved in human service for many years.  I always had some confusion with the process.  Something did not jive or sit right with me.  During the 1980’s there was a big push in the addiction field to embrace the “Child Within”.  Again I struggled with it, I remember seeing people carrying around stuffed animals and dolls to self help meetings!  My belief was they were fighting embracing positive change and more interested in finding the cause, i.e. “the blame” for how and why they ended up the way they did.

I recently read of Roger Crawford, born with ectrodactylism a condition that left him with no hands and only one foot.  Roger is a motivational speaker, consultant and author.  He played varsity tennis at Loyola Marymount University and became a tennis professional after school.  While at Loyola he was contacted by a fellow with the same condition that wanted to meet him.  Roger explains that he was excited to meet a man with the same condition and maybe he would have some pointers as the gentleman was older.  But Roger was disappointed with their meeting, instead of a mentor Roger found a bitter and pessimistic individual that blamed his condition for his challenges in life!

What is the difference between these men?  Attitude!  When we have an attitude of gratitude, a focus on the positive and we believe that anything is possible we are filled with positive results.  When we focus on what is wrong with me or why am I the way I am? We set ourselves up for continued failure.   Winning is an inside job!  Success in life comes from within.  We become what we think!

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