Winners are Focused…

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Winners are motivated people looking to recover!

When it comes to overcoming addiction or alcoholism many of us will share with you the need to stick with the winners.  Find people that you like, trust and believe have what you want or at least are striving for the same. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not endured, so look for and stick with the winners.

My mission is to motivate people to want it, to see it, to believe it, to love it…

I believe that people are the lifeblood of recovery.  Sure that sounds cliche’ but, do not overlook the people that are doing it!  The people that have been there and done that. the ones that are tolerant, happy, and share their experience strength and hope in a light that is motivational for you.  You gotta believe it will work for you, that you can do it because you can and you will!

The single most important thing you develop in your life is a positive attitude…

Sure, everyone has bad moments.  We all face difficult times but remember hard times never last!  Build a positive mindset, listen to uplifting positive motivational messages, read books on self-improvement.  Focus on what is right with you, your strengths. You have the ability to be, do and have everything you truly want in life.  I have seen so many miracles in recovery. People come in beaten down, terrible tragedies they have endured, physically, mentally and emotionally spent!  But, when they focus on recovering, follow the recovery principles and choose a positive mental attitude they succeed!

Great times do not last forever, therefore remain prudent.  But more importantly, neither does hard times!

This is not a negative concept, it is a prudent concept.  We must always prepare for the unexpected pothole. Times get unbelievably good, we feel like we are on a pink cloud.  When that happens you should enjoy it! But, when the opposite occurs recognize that it is not you, it is typically not fatal and it is certainly not permanent.

Have a “Work It Out” attitude.  The glass is always half full…

If we focus on what is wrong and express a “why always me,” “poor me,” or “I always…” we will find it difficult at best to find peace and serenity.  If we recognize that stuff happens, that my actions of the past do have an effect on the results of those actions and now I need to make better choices, we have a better shot at minimizing the negative effects!  Look things always work out, at least most of the time the worst case scenario does not occur!

Focus on the solution, ask yourself, “what can I do now to address this issue?”  Then take action! Call your support system, your recovering friends, family, sponsor or mentor and then put in the footwork.  Sitting in the problem and stewing will only bring your emotions down. Just know that it will work out if you work through it!  So work through it and let the results happen!


Go win baby!  Life is Gooooood!


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