Why Yes?

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“Say yes to everything” Seth Godin

Early on in my recovery journey, I was told to never turn down an opportunity to speak, take a commitment, or help another person in their recovery journey.  I have followed that advice with two caveats. If speaking or that commitment would override a more important commitment I previously made then and only then would I decline.  The other is if I am ill and can put others at risk, stay home!  

There is not a better time than now to reiterate that with COVID-19 the Corona Virus.  If you are sick, stay home. If you are in the at-risk population, stay home! Is the world ending?  No, but, take care of yourself and protect others. Saying YES, and upholding your commitments is essential but not at the risk of harming yourself or others!

Living the recovered life is a life filled with happiness and joy, ups and downs, and it all starts with living a “givers gain” attitude and lifestyle.  We recover by helping and advancing others in their recovery journey.  

Again, be positive, give to others unconditionally, but be smart!

Go, go, go…


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