When God is with you…

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“The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have.”  – Leonard Nimoy

As we progress through Recovery Month I am reminded more and more that I can only keep it if I give it away.  During our campaign to develop an effective scholarship program we face an uphill battle.  We are overcoming the battle of addiction, the battle of fiscal challenges people face today and the battle of the attitudes.

When I announced to our team that we were going to raise $1,000,000 for a scholarship program the silence was deafening!  No one would comment, but, I knew what they where thinking!  “Dan, you are nuts!”

Actually when I began to think about it my first thought was, impossible!  It can-not be done…  But my second thought was, “Why Not?”  We have received no less than 50 requests for help since March a majority of them did not have the money for help!  I get correspondence from various social networks, professionals, family members, and other supports that say, “wow, where have you been? Your program is unbelievable!”

People from all over the country and the world have contacted me and encouraged us to stay focused and commended us on our approach!  We have had referrals from professionals that work in other treatment facilities, because they were so impressed with our program, concepts and itinerary!

So yes, “Why Not?”  One of our team members said, Dan, people are skeptical!  They think they are being scammed, they think …  I stopped him and said, 90% of the people will feel that way, but 10% will cheerlead us on.  There will be folks that have patted us on the back and said great job keep up the good work!  They will be skeptical!  We will have guests that have benefited from our scholarship program and generosity that will say NO, hell NO!  There will be friends, family, colleagues and strangers that will delete the message, there will be folk’s that reply “Unsubscribe”, there will be those that say hey great idea good luck and send nothing, and there will be those that ignore the appeal and send us the greatest info in the world to buy their products!

All of the above has occurred!  Honestly!  But more importantly, so has the 10%.    People like Tom and Linda E. and Kathy Jo have not only contributed but they have referred others that have done the same!  I love Joel Osteen and his message of hope, love and prosperity.  This morning he said, “Continue to believe because God does the work, it is impossible to you or in the eyes of others but it is probable for God, in fact it is beyond probable it is done!”

So yes I am crazy, I received an email from a friend Cecil a few weeks ago.  I sent him an update on our progress and our goals.  He sent me back a note that said, “Wow, there is no quit in you is there!”  For those of you that know me, you know the answer is, NO, not a speck of quit in my belief system.  Rejection is simply an opportunity to test my faith.  Failure is only failure when you quit.  We will raise $1,000,000 and we will assist 100 people and more with that money, my apologies to you, to the Team, to our guests, to my family, and to God for not telling you that the goal is a million!

Go, Go, God…

Dan 🙂

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