What People Really Want from a Sponsor

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What people really want from a sponsor is to have one.  Most people in the early part of recovery have no idea why they need a supportive sponsor or the role of a sponsor.  A sponsor is a guy or gal that helps introduce the newcomer to AA, NA or any of the other mutual support groups that are twelve step based in

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the early phase of recovery.  A sponsor is a mentor, an individual that has overcome alcohol and/or drug addiction that will share with you there experience strength and hope.

It is not limited to early recovery.  Typically, a member will have a sponsor that becomes a true friend someone that can help a recovering person get through the ups and downs of life, however that is not always the case.  They are people that have recovered using the twelve steps and offer the same guidance they received from the folks that came before them.

A sponsor does not tell you what to do, they are not a parent, spouse or therapist.  They simply guide you through the principles and steps of the program.  They do not imply that they are smarter than you or know what you should do in any given situation.  They will offer their experience and share with you what they have done to overcome similar issues.

If you are serious about your recovery find a sponsor and use him or her and remember men with the men and women with the women!  Life is gooood!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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