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If we do not try, we will not know.

-Ayya Khema, Be An Island

Whenever I run a group on making the decision to recover from addiction, I always do an exercise in front of the group with a volunteer.  I ask the participant to try to take a coin out of my hand.  Ultimately, they start to grab the coin and I say, “stop!”   “I didn’t say to take it I said try to take it!”  Everyone laughs, and then I begin to explain that when we utilize the phrase, “I will try,” we are setting ourselves up for failure.

We need to “do it!”  We need to commit to it and put in a valiant effort to succeed.  “Trying” is only lying to ourselves.  We lack commitment when we try, we need to commit and go for it.  Recovery depends on commitment.  Sure, it is one day at a time, but it is a daily commitment to follow the principles and take the necessary action to recover!

Life is goooood!



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