Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

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As we close in on the USA Celebration of Thanksgiving lets quickly put to rest the incredible now killer, “Tomorrow”. Make it a point to create an attitude of gratitude Now! I am reading “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer. Which reminds me of Jack and his colleague Mark Victor Hansen the authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Mark and Jack have a no negativity policy in their office. The creation of an attitude of gratitude begins by eliminating negativity. Take some time now to count your blessings, do not wait till Tomorrow.

Today I want to begin by thanking, Father William Banyasz, we call him Padre! Padre is a retired Orthodox Priest. Padre has been our advocate since day one. I always rely on his insights and his willingness to help. Whether he is researching issues for us or offering some of his vast insights Padre is always an advocate and friend. Thank You Padre!

Once in a while I must edit a Blog I post. What you do not know is that I am editing it because my point was not made clear enough. How do I know that? Within minutes of a posting I get a critique from Sue. Sue is a regular contributor to I appreciate the fact the she reads all of our Blogs and is quick to call for clarity. Thank You Sue!

Rick, Ryan and Sean went to school together. They have built a great friendship with one another. They are my partners in this venture. Without each one of their contributions The Last Resort Panama would not exist. Rick is the go to guy for our website presence. We are on page one of because of his leadership, willingness and diligence to learn the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization. Because of that diligence they now have their own web Business at Thank You Rick!

Ryan we call Bob the Builder! Ryan handles anything that needs a hammer! Ryan is quick to hit the computer as well and handles most of our e-mail blasts to update the progress of our center. Thank You Ryan! PS I cannot mention Ryan without thanking his girlfriend Laura. Laura works at the Casino from 7:30 PM to 2:30 AM as an entertainer. She attends University to become an Engineer her first class begins at 7 AM. Laura will assist us at the drop of a hat in between all of that without mentioning her rehearsals during the week at 2:30 PM. Thank You Laura!

Sean handles all of our day-to-day computer needs and anything else I ask. He has never once complained. He does a lot of the tedious things that I do not have time for. He is the designer of our Logo’s and assists Rick with the Html stuff! Thank You Sean!

There are so man people out there that has shown their love and caring to us at The Last Resort Panama. It is difficult to name them all. But to everyone that has played the smallest of parts in our growth and development, our social network friends at to all of you a loud and proud Thank You!


Dan ☺

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