Time to be a Grandfather!

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Of course I joke about my age and the improbability of being a grandfather at the age of forty something!  Well at least for a few more weeks that is!  On May first I will be fifty years old.  I look back at my short life thus far, if I were to guess I am about halfway through.  I have had some good times, great times, tough times, some not so tough times and some “Oh My God get me through this” times!  Fortunately nearly half of my life I have been in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse and sober.  In my early years drinking, smoking pot and whatever drugs were around at the time was my fun, the reason for life, so I thought.  That partying as we called it turned into a nightmare.

In recovery I attained my bachelors degree, masters and now working towards my doctorate.  But through it all, the greatest and most joyful moments of my life have been the birth of my four children.  My daughter was born 25 years ago in an horrendous birth.  When Kristin was born there were complications she was not breathing and purple they had to rush her out of the birthing room and into pediatric ICU.  It was a fearful time for us, we did not hear anything positive for what seemed like hours.  But other than some physical challenges Kristin turned out to be a healthy little girl.

On Saturday I was out walking the beach with my son Sean and Kristin called she said dad put me on speaker phone so Sean can hear me.  Yup you guessed it, Kristin is going to be a mom!  As it sinks in to my head I get happier and happier.  I am having fun with the I am not old enough thing and so are my friends and family, but under it all is a joy that I could not begin to express.  I am truly grateful for my children and now a new chapter in life that is opening.  I am grateful to God for saving me from the depths of hell.  I look forward to being a grandparent and sharing the joy it brings!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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