Tiger Woods

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Obviously this is a recovery blog so what does Tiger Woods challenges have to do with us?  Directly absolutely nothing, of course we could easily make a case that his rehab stint fits in to our genre of recovery.  But that is not where I am heading with this.  Each and every one of us has contradictions in our lives.  We all fall short of the ideal.  If you watched or read the apology by Tiger yesterday you would see that he utilized a recovery principle in making amends.

I am sorry, I caused pain, I was wrong, here is what I have done, and now here is what I am doing.  My actions will now be different.

What more can we do?  Of course it is easy to look at Tiger Woods and judge him, his actions and be critical of his decisions, apology and life.  However, as Jesus said, let him without sin cast the first stone!  To Tiger Woods, go and amend your behavior, sin no more…  With Love.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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