The sure fire secret to recovery…

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“Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.”   – Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Law of Attraction is the spiritual law that says anything we focus on we attract to us.  Whether it is what we want or not.  What gives the law more power is when we are focused on something with emotion.  The more emotion we have behind the focus the greater the chance we have to achieve what we are focusing on.  In order to recover from addiction we need to stop focusing on “I can’t” and begin focusing on “I am”.   “I can’t” drink or drug anymore weakens you.  Focus solely on what you can not do and you give, in this case, the drink or the drug the power.  In the twelve steps they speak of being powerless over alcohol in step one.  The more we focus on alcohol or drugs the more power they have over our lives.

“I am” gives you the power to win.   Focus on what you want, a healthy, prosperous, clean and sober life.  Happy, joyous and free.  That is what you will get.  Want the sure fire no holds barred way to recovery?  Well then capitalize “I Am”.  There is no doubt about it that AA was much more successful in the early years.  I have heard numbers tossed about that are as low as 75% and as high as 90% effective.  That means that somewhere between 7 to 9 out of 10 folks that began to utilize AA to recover did exactly that, they recovered.  Why?  They utilized “The Great I Am”!  God.  I read an article on why South America was not as advanced as North America.  The respondent stated it was simple, while the discoverers and pioneers came to South America searching for Gold, the discoverers and pioneers that came to North America searching for God.

“The Secret” to recovery therein lies.  It is not “The Law of Attraction”, it is not “AA”, it is not any other method or psychotherapy, It is getting right with God.  All of those methods work and they work well but I promise you this if you ask God for help, He will!   If you want what we have do what we do.  Try the FREEdom approach, Faith, Recovery, Encouragement, Enthuuuuusiatically…  May you find Him now!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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