The Strangest Secret

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We become what we think about.  Earl Nightingale.

In 1998 I was 10 years abstinent from drugs and alcohol.  My Spiritual relationship, my family life, my recovery, my career, all seemed from the outside to be clicking!  Yet I continued to have an emptiness inside.  Don’t get me wrong it was not a depression or  a set-up for relapse.  I truly busted my tailbone to complete my education and I was a motivator and leader in my field.  But something was missing.

One day I received a card from the Nightingale Conant company it was a “Risk Free” offer for an audio tape set by Earl Nightingale called “Lead the Field” and one for a Tony Robbins set titled “Unleash the Power Within”.  I honestly do not know what possessed me to order these two sets but I did.  Over the next year or so I listened to those two tape sets constantly.  I began to do things differently in my life and could see the results in my happiness.

I then purchased “The Strangest Secret” an audio recorded by Earl in 1956, it was the grand daddy of em all!  That 30 minute tape put it all into perspective for me.  I began to realize that if I focused on my problems I would get more of what I did not want.  My approach was wrong, finding the blame for me “issues” was doing more harm then good.  As I began to focus on what I wanted, my attitude seemed to get better and better.

When I began to use this perspective in my practice as a human service professional people responded better.  I then began to read and listen to more and more self-development educational materials.  Over the years my approach to life and teaching others has lead to an increase in positive results for people.  No longer would we focus on “what is wrong with me?” as an addict.   Rather we would focus on “whats right with me? and where am I heading?”  Today, “Real Life Recovery” works with our guests on a direction plan that focuses on living a “healthy, happy, prosperous, clean and sober life”.

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Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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