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On a daily basis I have what I call creative time. I am always looking for avenues to serve our friends in recovery. In the audio by Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret, Earl states that we tend to take for granted the things we get for free. If we pay for something we tend to treat it better. As my creative time progressed today, I began to ponder offering a free course on the techniques of The Strangest Secret. I will mentor you in the same techniques that completely transformed my life in recovery and the lives of many of my recovered friends.

I pondered several questions:

What kind of value will folks place on this if I just give it away for free?
Should I limit attendance?
How will I hold people accountable if it is a free and voluntary service?
Can I make an impact in someone’s life?

Obviously, I have answered these questions and more in a way that has led me to offer my services for free. I practice the principles of the master, Earl Nightingale. One extremely important principle is service. The same laws of the universe guide all people. Therefore, The Last Resort Panama is offering “The Strangest Secret” success system for free. Yes, absolutely free, with no catches!

Here are the details:

My commitment to you:

I will offer you free of charge my coaching program based on “The Strangest Secret” success system. You will have my full commitment and attention as if you paid the $1,200 price tag.

Your commitment to me:

You will do exactly what you say you are going to do.
You will complete all assignments in the time frame allotted.
You will report your progress to me on a daily basis.

My requests of you:

If and only if you are satisfied with my program, I would like you to pass it on to others. I would like you to spread the word of The Last Resort Panama, Panama’s Premiere Recovery Center to friends, counselors, social workers, employers, EAP’s, Churches, and other referral sources. Finally, we would appreciate it if you would go to our web site daily to browse and read our site and send the site to everyone in your personal E-dress list.

These are simple requests; they are certainly not mandatory–simply friends helping friends. I am limiting his offer to the first 25 registered participants. To register, simply send me an email with the Subject, “register” to We are only accepting folks who have been abstinent for a minimum of one year or who currently work in the addictions field.

Thank you and remember: Life is Gooooood!!!

Dan ☺

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