The Stigma Fallacy

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I have read the articles, heard the narrative, and it goes like this. We would never blame a patient with a serious medical condition for their condition the way we blame the addict or alcoholic for addiction or alcoholism. Or would we?

How about a diabetic with a sugar relapse, or an overweight smoker after a cardiac arrest? The list is endless. Sure blaming someone for the onset of cancer is frowned upon, well unless it is skin cancer and they are tanners! How about throat cancer or lung cancer? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Did he smoke?

I remember when my awesome cousin died of cardiac arrest at 46 years of age. At the funeral people would offer their condolences, make small talk about what a great cat he was and then say something like, he was a bit overweight and smoked cigarettes, as if alluding to the cause!

You get the point, we are a judgemental society. We need to make sense and find the cause of all that makes no sense to us. The fact is that we do blame medical conditions on our eating habits, other indulgences and a whole bunch of crackpot functional conceptions! So why not addiction?

At the heart of it all none of it makes sense and no one wants to be the subject of gossip let alone have a serious medical condition and that includes addiction. We all want to be more than we have become, none of dreams of laying in a coffin at an early age, none of us dream of dying a miserable death as an addict, none of us dreams of taking a human life while driving drunk!

The point is disease, conditions in life affect us and some are avoidable yet none are predictable in our own minds. We usually take the “not me” road, we usually use our ingrained “justifiers” to eat more ice cream, drink more than we choose to drink, use illicit drugs despite the evidence! Unfortunately, if you are an alcoholic or addict the choice to drink or use when the “creature” has struck requires a massive interjection of reality, desire to change the direction or path we are on and help a bunch of help! Ask and it will be yours…


Go, Go, Go…



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