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“There is no more important step you can take than to define your life’s purpose. It develops your sense of belonging to our universe.” — Arnold Patent

Sustainable Recovery that leads to a life of Vitality comes from living our lives with purpose and drive. As an active alcoholic or addict we are often apathetic about life. Personally I was confused, angry, misdirected, and had a view of life that was so negatively skewed that it is a wonder anyone liked me. Internally I felt like a fraud. In order to move from apathy to passion we need to have a defined purpose in our lives.

I would love to say that I was aware of this early on in my recovered life, I was not. I was more of a chaser. I was watching for the first time “Marley and Me” yesterday. Besides the story line of the life cycle of Marley, I saw a story line of a man in his pursuit for meaning. As he approached “40”, the family expanding and the pressure mounting — his wife in frustration says to him, “you are wandering that is all you do is wander and wonder, you just keep chasing the next thing” (paraphrased).

I must admit, if it wasn’t a movie I would have thought she was talking to me! Truthfully, I believe she was talking to us all. The point is this, we may waffle at times, we may lose focus at times, but we need to find and follow our passion. We all have natural talents and the drive to find meaning in our lives. When we veer off course, refocus and begin to trudge the road back to our goal of happy destiny! Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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