The Recovery Journey, Martine Brennan

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To paraphrase the song it is a “long and winding road”. Sometimes we are on the highway/motorway, the traffic is moving fast and freely on both sides. The destinations are clearly signposted and the journey passes quickly.

Other times, we are on country roads. There are few signposts and we don’t even have a map! We are not sure where we are headed nor how long it will take. The weather is bad, visibility is poor, and we are running low on gas/petrol.

So what to do when the road is hard?

Acknowlege the feelings, the fear of the known and the unknown, the anger with ourselves and with others.
Ask for help, mentor, sponsor or friend
Seek out the higher ground, there we can see more clearly, we can calm down, take stock and then
Accept the things we cannot change and
Recommit to the journey

You see, the recovery journey is the only show in town. Whatever a person calls it, self-improvement, the spiritual journey, becoming a man or woman, growing up, getting to know yourself, we all have to do this. There are no shortcuts to self knowledge. There are dark days and even darker nights. But we are not alone. The world is full of fellow travellers. And the sun will come up bringing peace and joy. We need just to wait out the storm.

Martine Brennan

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