The Perfect Miracle

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reh_002“To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle.”

Walt Whitman

In early recovery I had an issue with celebrating how long I was sober.  I remember saying to my sponsor it seemed like it was an Academy Awards speech thanking everyone involved for the help and trust.  He told me to stop thinking so much and just celebrate for the good of the group.  He said the newcomer needed to see success so they know it could be done! 

He was right and it is important to share our experience strength and hope.  Every day we are here, sober and living a clean life is a miracle.  I remember when a friend from high school hit me on Facebook and said, “is this the Dan Callahan that lived on Nevada Street in Lindenhurst?”  I remember I said, “yes.” The response was fitting, “wow, I never thought you would still be alive and if you were, you’d be in prison!” 

Today, I have a life that is beyond any expectation and I promise you this, it is amazing only because for nearly 29 years, one day at a time, I have remained completely abstinent from all mind altering drugs!  If you have recovered from “The Creature” you know exactly what I mean, if you are the loved one of a recovered addict you too know exactly what I mean.  We are beyond blessed if we simply put to use the simple tools laid out for us!  Everyday breathing and sober is a Perfect  Miracle!


Life is gooood!


Go, Go, Go…


Dan  🙂



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