The only way out is through the front door! 

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IMG_20111126_160222Then, gathering all his forces, he attempted to stop altogether and found he could not. 

Big Book, 4th ed., pg. 32 

If you are not an alcoholic, it is difficult to comprehend the subtle compulsion to drink. Likewise, if you are not an addict you may be baffled by the compulsion to use despite the obvious negative consequences.  You shake your head, look for the reason your loved one is the way he or she is, and wonder, often aloud, “what the heck are you doing?”  For the alcoholic and or addict, they are equally as baffled when trouble arises. 

I am reminded of the movie “Flight” when after all that has occurred and it seems as if Denzel’s character is going to get through this, after all, if it wasn’t for his heroics there would have been no survivors, he drinks to excess putting his freedom in jeopardy.  I don’t know anyone that doesn’t think, “what the heck is he doing?”   Yet, for the alcoholic and addict they just do it, and do it and do it and they do it at the most inopportune times!

When he/she thinks that it is time to put the plug in the jug, they simply fail.  At every failure, an excuse arises, we justify the failure and usually minimize it with a touch of anger towards any bystanders or commentators. 

The only way out is through the front door!  A direct hit to our thinking.  We must recognize that A) we have drank or drugged despite knowing that potentially, there would be negative consequences for using.  B) we recognize there is another way and that others have been able to accomplish complete abstinence. And C) we had the ability to duplicate their success at full abstinence leading to a state of happiness, joy and freedom from the bondage of addiction!

Open and walk through the front door, cause there’s only one way out!  Life is goooood!


Go, Go, Go…


Dan 🙂

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