The Human Spirit

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Our very lives, as ex-problem drinkers, depend upon our constant thought of others and how we may help meet their needs. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 20

Yesterday I was watching television and came across a show that I thought was a TV Bloopers or Candid Camera type of show.  It was in Spanish so I was not certain.  There was a lady on the side walk with a taxi driver with four huge boxes.  The taxi was a small compact vehicle.  Two boxes the driver picked up and placed next to the rear tires on the drivers side of the car and then the lady began to ask pedestrians to help with the two other boxes.  As men would walk by and say now this one middle aged woman said yes.

They struggled a bit and got the two boxes in the car.  The taxi and owner of the boxes then left in the taxi, leaving behind the two large but smaller boxes on the street.  Another female emerged from the house and said to the lady that had helped to load the car, a total stranger that was asked to help curbside, and explains where the taxi is heading and would the Good Samaritan please bring the boxes there?  Without hesitation this stranger took the boxes and began to walk, yes walk, to the home of where the taxi went.

The show showed the extremely lengthy walk, the women had to put the boxes down and rest several times.  Somewhere along the line a young girl maybe 9 or 10 years of age, began to help.  When they finally arrived to the destination pleasantries were exchanged and then an announcer came out to greet the Good Samaritan.  By this time I was in tears!  The lady was happy and smiling but extremely humble.  Then the announcer brought a new box that was wrapped out for the Good Samaritan.  When she opened the gift it was a pre-paid gift Visa card for $500!  This woman was so happy that she was crying for joy!

Giving to others especially during the holidays is a wonderful thing.  This show displayed the human condition in a much more favorable light than during the week where a scam artist scheme attempted to steal and rob the human spirit of joy!  Find a way this holiday to do something special, do not let them know you have done it, and do not tell a soul that you have done it.  Spirituality in action!


Dan 🙂

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