The Game Changer!

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Success leaves clues.  — Tony Robbins

If you have read my blog, book, articles and or workbook you probably know that the basis of the recovery process is making sure that an individual looking to recover has every possible advantage working “for them” and not “against them”. I want to stack the deck in their favor. I have been teaching this for many years. I want to teach them the Game Changer!  The Game Changer is often looked at as minor, but I can assure you it is nothing of the sort. In fact if you only took this one principle away from me and then utilized any other recovery principle or system you would increase your opportunity to stay clean and sober by 100 fold.

Sounds like an extremely bold statement, and it is but it is true. Here is the principle, “The Game Changer”. We want to condition ourselves to move from the “I Can’t” approach to drinking or drugging to the “I am” approach. Let me explain. When we begin to contemplate whether we are alcoholic or an addict we challenge ourselves with statements such as “I can’t live the rest of my life with out alcohol or smoking a joint once in a while”. That over time shifts to, “I can’t keep doing this”, “I can’t drink or drug anymore”.

This may sound like huge progress and it is, but permanent abstinence that leads to contentment and joy may elude us with this thinking. What we need to do is change our approach and belief. We need to shift from “I can’t” drink or drug, to “I am” living a happy, healthy, prosperous, clean and sober life.

You may be asking why? Does this really matter? Recently the University of Chicago Press Journals and World Science Staff released their findings on a research study, the authors (Va­nes­sa M. Pat­rick of the Uni­vers­ity of Hous­ton and Hen­rik Hagtvedt of Bos­ton Col­lege) found that; “Peo­ple who resist tempta­t­ion by tell­ing them­selves “I don’t” rath­er than “I can’t” are more suc­cess­ful in their quest”… That is right when they implement a strategy that has them focused on what they want, they succeed. When they focus on what they don’t want or believe they can’t have, they fail more frequently. Not only are they more successful at changing their behavior, additionally, they report an increased positive feeling of autonomy, control and self awareness.

My “90-Days to Recover Program” is an incredibly powerful program that combines the social model, mutual support, motivational therapy, and ancillary therapies that is vocational-educational focused. The program has been met with phenomenal results over the past decade plus. In fact, most Treatment Centers absolutely do not know this treatment protocol or completely ignore it, because it simply does not fit their model of treatment. But to be frank, I am not interested in how they think recovery “should” work. I am interested in HOW IT DOES WORK!

And the way it “does” work, at least when it comes to permanent joyful recovery… is exactly what this recovery principle reveals. Within 90-days of discovering this principle my life changed ten-fold and everyone I have taught it to that applied the principle recovered joyfully and permanently.

The principle that changes the game is simple, traditional treatment focuses on the wrong things. They focus on WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PERSON (Self-Help), rather than, WHAT IS RIGHT WITH THE PERSON (Self-Improvement)”. The truth is if you take the self-help approach you will look at “why” you drink, tend to find blame, and at best you will live as a VICTIM — forever!

Stack the deck in your favor, and Change the Game in your favor. We are not a glum lot… Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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