The Functional Blame Game

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“Make an effort to not blame anybody or anything – and you’re rewarded with much happiness!”  —Arne Klingenberg 

The “Blame Game” is a dilemma we all face. When something goes wrong in our lives we always want to look at “Why” it failed. If we do not do so we will not change our strategy. But, when we use blame to avoid responsibility we are doing more harm than good. We must take responsibility for our actions and the results of those actions. True joy is found within the process of evaluation.

We need to always be cognizant of our actions, evaluate our results and amend our strategy at each major turn. This is the proper use of blame, that is, we look at the results, the steps we took to attain those results and we amend our strategy based upon the evaluation. That is the functional “Blame Game”! Life is good!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂


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