The Difficulty of Winning

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Difficulties mastered are opportunities won. — Winston Churchill

I often point to the comeback as what really matters.  Of course the persistence and relentless leadership of Winston Churchill in World War 2 is a great example.   Winning in life is not necessarily the goal of life.  Striving to achieve our “Purpose” is the underlying force that drives the recovered life, a Spiritual Life.  For those of us in recovery we are often our most stringent critics!  We are always looking at our “Contradictions”.   We judge ourselves much stronger than we would ever judge another.

I was watching a movie on Winston Churchill and the war.  During the movie they are switching back and forth from during to after the war.  Churchill, his wife and family are on retreat awaiting the results of the election that occurred after the war.  In one scene he says to his wife that he is worried that he will not get elected Prime Minister.  His wife attempts to downplay the need for the position when he asks her, what will we do for money?  This position affords us a life!  What will we do?

You may or may not believe in his politics, personal lifestyle or spiritual choices.  However, the point is that we all have contradictions.  We all have selfish motives (in varying degrees) behind our decisions.  When we are active in our addiction or we have simply allowed our self will to run riot in our recovery, we must continue to face our challenges and develop strategies to amend our current situation and not use it to quit!  Beating ourselves up is the way we chose in the past, that simply does not work.  The recovered life offers us the option to utilize the challenge for the greater good!

Winning in Life is about fulfilling our mission as a Spiritual human being!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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