The Cure for Addiction

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“The art of living lies less in eliminating our troubles than in growing with them.”  – Bernard Baruch

I have been asked on several occasions is there a “Cure” for addiction or alcoholism?  If I was attempting to sell a book, an exclusive high dollar rehab, or a course on addiction I think it could be in my best interest to scream from the rooftops, “THERE IS A CURE FOR ADDICTION AND WE HAVE IT”!   However, the truth of the matter is “the cure” is recovery.   Please understand that I recognize the question I am being asked is typically not the question that the inquirer is asking.  There is a question behind the question.   Typically, the same folks that ask this question are the ones that deny the disease concept of addiction.    They are apparently looking for the contradictions so that they can refute the process of recovery.  The question is usually something more in the lines of “can I ever drink again”?

So can an addict or alcoholic ever drink safely again?  Understand that I am not a scientist or researcher.  There is research that indicates that some folks can indeed drink safely again.  However, those people are identified as pre-problem drinkers.  They may have had a stretch that they abused alcohol or drugs in high school or college.  Possibly they used bad judgment and drove intoxicated and was arrested.  There are scenarios that people with a challenge have and do stop abusing.   I can name several people from my high school and college days that partied right along side of me and today would not consider using a drug or abusing alcohol, let alone get behind the wheel intoxicated.

So the big question you may ask is, “What about me”?  First if you are asking this question the answer is more than likely “no” for you.  Second, why take the risk?  Life is meant to be enjoyed therefore why take the risk?  If you are like me you probably are thinking, “what good is a glass of wine or a beer”?  If you identify with that, well then the answer is no for you as well!

Let us know your thoughts.

Dan 🙂

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