The Be Happy Attitudes

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“Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others.” – Buddha

I guess by now if you have read any of my Blogs you know that I steer clear of religious doctrine.  I look at all spiritual and educational principles as an opportunity to think and to grow.  I am however a believer I simply shun religious doctrine so that I do not alienate anyone unintentionally.  I believe that God is a loving God and in recovery we need God’s love not man’s opinion or rules.  Of course I am not suggesting a free for all!  Early on in my recovery my friend Tom Grogan gave me a book titled “The Be Happy Attitudes; 8 Positive Attitudes That Can Transform Your Life!” by Robert H. Schuller.  The book was based on the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew.

Tom was my room mate and one heck of a guy.  I think he gave me the book because the first time my children had come to visit me at the apartment I told them to stay out of the refrigerator if they wanted anything to let me know and I would help.  Well my daughter decided that she could handle a gallon of milk on her own!  Wrong, the whole gallon on the floor!  Of course I was upset, I allowed it to consume me for a bit, but after they went home the only thing I reported to friends was about that milk.  Not the joy of being with my children for the first time in quite some time!  He bought me the book a day later!

Life is meant to be enjoyed, recovery offers us a second chance at happiness.  We have the ability and the opportunity to learn from our mistakes.  We learn a new way of life free of alcohol and drug use.  We learn to enjoy life on life’s terms.  We are freed of the bondage of self, addiction, and negativity, but and it is a big but we must utilize the opportunity to implement change.  If we continue to do the same things we will get the same results.  Tom knew this, Tom knew that telling me or scolding me would do nothing for me.  Tom knew that a book that could touch my heart, that could offer direction in a loving way was a better testament than he could be.

I am grateful for friends like Tom.  I wish you all well!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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