The Art of Conversation

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“The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing at the right place, but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” – Lady Dorothy Nevill

241._copyRestraint of tongue and pen is a spiritual principle that if practiced may keep us from unnecessary conflict. My friend “Sarge” the comedian is quick to point out that our “first thought is wrong”. If that is true and it often is, then restraint of tongue and pen is essential to not miscommunicate our perception to others, especially when it entails interpersonal communication.

Abraham Lincoln was famous for his policy of writing scathing letters to his subordinates when they failed to carry out his specific orders as the president of The United States. The one key to Abe’s process was significant; he did not send the letters. Having the ability to sit on emotional communications is essential.

Seth Godin recently pointed out in his Blog, “The challenge of communication isn’t to never miscommunicate, it’s to cut down the time between the interaction and the realization that the communication didn’t get through.” Communication is the life blood of mutual support recovery. When we share our experience strength and hope in an honest way we are communicating how we recover, how we overcome our challenges.

If we react to an event that we perceive as negative, there is a good chance that we will react negatively and do more damage than good. If we respond after careful thought and guidance from our mutual support group or sponsor, we are much more likely to communicate effectively. Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂


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