Thanksgiving Gratitude

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As we approach Thanksgiving in The United States it is a great reminder for us to focus on what and whom we are grateful for. An attitude of gratitude is key to living a happy, joyous and free life. For those of us in the recovery community it is imperative to count our blessings.

On behalf of The Last Resort Panama I would like to take the next few days to say Thank You to all of our contributors, guests and folks that have assisted us and supported us on our journey to bring affordable treatment to North Americans and Ex-Pats.

Each day I will point out some of the players that have made The Last Resort Panama, The number one drug and alcohol rehab in the “America’s”. They are not listed in order of importance or impact, simply in groups that relate to one another. When I believe it is appropriate I will use full names and in some instances I will not.

Lets start today saying thank you to our support staff. Diana Bedoya in my opinion they broke the mold when she was born. Her work ethic is second to none. I have not heard her complain one time in fact quite the opposite. She is an advocate of “El Secreto” and reminds you when your mindset deviates from such! Diana makes everyone feel at home at The Last Resort Panama as the staffing supervisor. Thank you Diana!

Molly Maria is our newest housekeeper. Molly is a joyful and hard working individual. She is conscientious and always happy. Molly is a joy and we are all grateful for her effort. Thank you Molly!

Yeison “Jason” is an extremely reliable and energetic gentleman & housekeeper. Jason works long hours and is thorough in his work. Thank you Yeison!

Vivienne our Spanish tutor, computer teacher and assistant facilitator. It is apparent that Vivienne loves her work at The Last Resort Panama. Vivienne is outgoing and enthusiastic at all times. Thank you Vivienne!

Frank a retired Drug and Alcoholism Counselor from California with 24 years in the field of addictions treatment is our 12-step facilitator. Frank is a professional among professionals. His knowledge of the Steps and his ability to frame it for the beginner is truly appreciated. Thank you Frank!

Jack is one of my favorite people in this world. Jack is the most insightful people that I know. He teaches our guests from his 48 years of recovery. When I think of Wisdom, Jack comes to mind. Thank you Jack!

Rick “Lobstah” is a man of integrity and enthusiasm. Rick is a promoter of our cause and outspoken about it. Thank you Rick!

Liam Magnuson of Stardust Interventions can be called on at any time of the day or night. He is an advocate of The Last Resort Panama. His belief in our cause and system is helpful to say the least. Thank you Liam!

Kelli Ann a new facilitator expected to arrive in March is a breath of positivety. Kelli is a huge addition to the team. Thank you Kelli!

Christene was with us for a brief period. Yet her presence was appreciated and her insights were helpful. Thank you Christene!

Again grateful for all of these folks is an absolute understatement. Thank you!

Dan ☺

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