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Over the next couple of weeks you will be seeing information and announcements about the kickoff of “Recoverlution”.  We are holding a free concert at our Church for the community.  We have been blessed with a phenomenal band out of Kansas City Missouri, the Radiant Worship Band.  An unbelievable young man from our area “Christaholik” is opening the show for us.  We have another band that we have contacted to help us out as well.  “Recoverlution” is a movement that helps addicts, alcoholics, their families, and the community.  We are an ancillary service that supports and links people to the appropriate recovery solution for them.  We are an addition to the traditional recovery services and not instead of.  We recognize that people recover in many ways.  We are a conduit to the process.  We offer spiritual guidance, peer mentoring, education, and referral to appropriate professional and para-professional services.

We need your help to produce this concert.  We need to raise $3,000 for the show.  Fortunately the Beachway Therapy Center in DelRay Beach Florida has generously donated $500 to the cause.  Below is a letter from our Pastor.  Anything that you could offer would be totally awesome, you can send a check to the church or if it would be easier I could send you a Paypal or Google invoice and I will give the church the money.  You of course will receive a receipt as well as a personalized thank you from the pastor.

Thanks in advance, Go, Go, Go…

Dan :)

Hope Wesleyan Church 4445 – 17th Ct, Naples, Florida 34116 (239)-234-0570 (239)-455-1825

July 14, 2010

Dear sir/madam:

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and consider this correspondence.  Southwest Florida has been ravaged as seriously as the rest of the State of Florida by an epidemic.  An epidemic of such great proportion that if we do not respond as a community in several years we will feel it’s ramifications that will make the recent Gulf Coast oil spill and the areas recession look like a walk in the park.

In 2009 there were 235 deaths due to prescription drug abuse in South West Florida, compared to 25 deaths due to illegal street pharmaceuticals such as heroin and cocaine.  Recently our ministry assisted a seventy-three year old gentleman addicted to Oxycontin that was prescribed to him by his doctor for pain, as you can see this epidemic is affecting more than the prototypical addict.  Our ministry “Freedom Recovery” is an educational love ministry that looks to bring people into the recovery process, bridge gaps in service, act as an ancillary program and a conduit to the other treatment protocols such as therapy, twelve step programs, psychiatry and other measures.  We see ourselves as additions to the process filling the gaps and not exclusive providers of recovery services.

On July 29, 2010 we are holding our “Recoverlution” kickoff.  We have invited the “Radiant Worship Band” a nationally recognized worship band from Kansas City Missouri that happens to be touring the South East United States to hold a free concert at Hope-Wesleyan.  The group has agreed to visit our community on a love-offering basis.  We believe our “Recoverlution” and the Freedom Recovery ministry will make a difference in South West Florida.   But we need your help, we are looking to the community to assist us in kicking off “Recoverlution”.

The Beachway Therapy Center a private Florida rehab has donated $500 to the ministry thus far.  This is a huge step in reaching our goal of raising $3,000.  Would you consider an offering as well?   A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Help us help the community.

We would like to thank you in advance for your generous contribution to this cause.  May God bless you and your family.

Yours in Christ,


Rev. Claudio Pello

Senior Pastor

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