Ten Things You Should never say to yourself in Recovery

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The recovered life is a great way of life.  However, the way to recovery is a complete psychic change.  It takes changing the way we think and do things.  We must learn to “Respond” and not to “React” to people, places and things.  We do that by surrounding ourselves with winners, focusing on what we need, clearing the debris of negativity, and living life with passion.  We must change the way we think and talk to ourselves.  Here are ten things you should never say to yourself if you want to be happy, joyous and free!

Number one, “I deserve a reward for my sacrifice”…  Hey there is nothing wrong with celebrating our accomplishments, but when we think this way we are usually subconsciously looking for a reason to use!  Steer clear of this dangerous thinking!

Number two, “I’m just a loser addict”…  No, that is not who I am, that is what I did or how I lived in the past.  Surely we must be held accountable for our actions and not minimize the impact our actions have had on our family, friends, employer/employees and ourselves, but living in guilt and shame is ridiculous and counter productive.

Number three, “I Can’t”… The defeatist attitude, Henry Ford once said, whether you think you can or you think you can’t, YOU’RE RIGHT!  I can do all things…

Number four, “I don’t think I can make it”… Once again, never count yourself out.  You can make it, take the suggestions, look for the answers and do not focus on the road blocks or stumbling blocks of past attempts!  You can and you will, if you take action, NOW!

Number five, “I will never”… No, No, No… you may feel like there are difficult tasks ahead, and they may even be overwhelming, but keep an open mind.  Maybe not now but in the future

Number six, “Gossip”… There is no room for gossip not even in your head.  Knocking others down will get you nowhere actually it will lead you to consistent negativity.  Do not do it!

Number seven, “This meeting sucks”…  Here is a clue, it is your attitude not the meeting.  To counter balance these thoughts simply take the time at every meeting to find three things that are shared that are positive.  If you do that you will never have a bad meeting!

Number eight, “I hate”…  Hate is too strong of a word.  Hate is a feeling word that penetrates our negative side and leaves us weak.  Whet we find ourselves with these thoughts and feelings it is time to pray for whatever it is you are hating on!  Pray for the greatest outcome for their best interest or situation.

Number nine, “Anything but”…  This is simply another way of saying “no never”.  This is a sure fire way to stifle your growth.  Always keep an open mind.

Number ten, “I don’t need a higher power”…  The great “I Am” is not you!  We all need help, guidance, love and belief in something greater then we are.  Simply start by praying, “My Creator, please help my unbelief”!

To recover long-term we must embrace the belief that we can and we will recover and we must ignore all self-doubt.  Feelings that illicit thoughts that we aren’t strong enough, dedicated enough, adaptable enough or simply that, in spite of our best intentions and our best efforts, we cannot and will not recover.

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