Take Action; Family and Friends

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One starts an action simply because one must do something.” – T. S. Eliot

Alcoholism and addiction are addressed usually after a series of challenges that expand over substantial periods of time.  Typically, the addict takes action after a Significant Emotional Event, a SEE.  Of course family and friends are the first to recognize that the afflicted has a challenge and a major one at that!  As family members and friends we must be cautious not to cover for the potential addict.  We actually do more harm than good.

Honestly it is not an easy thing to do.  As human beings we seem to have an inner desire to help when folks need help.  But once a pattern begins to emerge we must allow the offender to pay the price.  Without consequences for our actions we will not take action because the SEE does not have the same impact.  Our emotion as addicts switches from addressing the challenge directly to amend the situation, to guilt and remorse to or for the friend or family member (that is bailing us out) for the inappropriate action.  In other words the focus shifts from the problem to pleasing the person that is bailing us out of the problem!

I was speaking to a group of family members about addiction and suggested this approach.  A gentleman in the audience stated that he would never allow his child to go to prison that my suggestion may sound valid but in reality is not practical.  But how many people have their first SEE as a prison possibility.  The small SEE’s are where this begins to work.  Start early and prison will not need to be the SEE that is addressed!

Go, Go. Go…

Dan 🙂

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