Suffering is Optional

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“There is no need to suffer when you’re ready and willing to learn what you need to learn!”  Arne Klingenberg

Of course when I heard the speaker in a self help meeting say to a fellow “Suffer Well” I kinda thought it was funny.  Then one day someone said it to me, well it was no longer so funny to me.  I actually wanted to kick the guys ass!  But as time has gone by I have learned that suffering is optional.  I need to use all of my experiences the good, the bad and the ugly as learning lessons.  I would love to tell you that I am a fast learner, but that would be a lie!  Yet what I have developed over the years is the ability to see the other sides of the challenges I face.

I find my faults and look to adjust my strategy to not repeat them again.  The funny thing is that when I have been wronged or taken advantage of I truly do my best to not allow it to fester within me.  I cannot afford the anger and resentment.  However, I must be careful not to minimize it to the point that I allow it to occur again and again.  When it does repeat itself the issues of the past that are similar in nature often resurface.  If I have pushed it down and out it resurfaces with more intensity, if I have dealt with it well it becomes a reminder that my strategy needs work!

The recovered life gives us the ability to see things differently.  To respond to life differently, to change direction or strategy and amend our actions.  It does not guarantee us to have a smooth ride 100% of the time it simply offers us the opportunity to start anew on a daily basis.  I love life, God, my family and friends and I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts with you.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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