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“Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have.”  – Zig Ziglar

I am traveling today so it has been tough to write the blog!  Success for any of us in recovery is living daily, sober!  Yet, there is so much more.  Last night I decided to buy myself a new skate board.  My youngest son, Seamus, is a great skateboarder.  I have watched him develop over the years and he has not lost interest.  I hate to say it but when I was a kid I loved to ride, I would take my board with me everywhere I went.  But it was nothing like we have today.   I used to ride every night down to the park with my Frisbee and hang out till dark then scoot on home.

So what does this have to do with success?  Well one day at a time we all get to have some fun.  As I was looking at these boards, cause every time I see one I have such great thoughts of my son Seamus, this crazy thought came rushing through my head.  What about you?  Why don’t you pop back on a board and go ride with Shay on the next trip up to NY!

Now hopefully this 50 year old body doesn’t end up in a cast!  Sorry I know that is negative but I must admit I thought maybe I should grab me a helmet!  🙂  Success is doing what you want (legally and morally) and having a good time at it.  I will post some pics soon of me sporting the new board and when I get up to Oil City with my boy!

Go, Go, Go…

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