Stress, fear and worry…

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You may have fooled yourself into thinking that it’s useful or unavoidable, but it’s not. — Seth Godin

I recently read Seth’s blog on worry and I realized that we all worry whether we are addicts, alcoholics or simply earthlings! Worry is expressed in many ways, for some of us it comes in the form of anger. We have an outburst because the stress is piled high, the bills are coming, the income is not, and something small occurs and boom we burst into an anger fit.

It comes in sickness, we allow worry and stress brought on by fear to wear us down and we find ourselves under the weather. For the addict or alcoholic it creates an excuse to drink or drug, the infamous “Frig” it. When we worry it often makes things worse it compounds the ramifications of the stress.

If you find yourself wondering why you don’t feel happy, joyous and free simply complete a searching and fearless inventory of yourself and you will find worry at the center!

The answer? Don’t worry, be happy. Here are the three steps to eradicate worry: Trust in God, put in the foot work and Trust in God! Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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