Start Your Day Right!

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I start my day with the 3rd step and 7th step prayer, a couple of meditation books and a positive message to myself.  Through the years I have changed the meditation books I use with the exception of one.  Find the one that you will read every day and use it.  Most are inspiring and will set your day in the right direction.  More importantly though is your self talk.   My talk is centered around how GOOD life really is.  Think about your life, think about how blessed you are.  Believe me, if you take a thorough inventory I promise you you will come out with way more positive attributes.

My suggestion and quite frankly the suggestion of the happiest people on the planet is start the day positive, positive self talk in the now and the future.  You are what you think about, you will be what you think about.  Henry Ford once said, whether you think you can or you think you can”t, you’re right!   Creating what you want in life starts with your thoughts.  Keep them positive get positive results.  Keep them positive and you’ll get positive feelings.  Positive thoughts lead to positive feelings, positive feelings lead to positive results.
One day at a time remind yourself you are worth it, you are good, you are well, you are alive, you feel great, and you are a champion!!!!
Happy Days,
Dan 🙂
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