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Dear Friends and Community Partners,

It is with sincere and genuine excitement that I inform you of my new endeavor. We have opened the doors to Solutions Recovery Center in Boca Raton FL . It is Recovery based with the perfect mixture of therapy.  The modality of therapy is Non-Combative Addiction Treatment (NCAT) with Motivational Enhanced Therapy (MET) it is Solution Focused Therapy. The premise of this treatment center is to do something radically different in the area of substance abuse treatment.

When we hear the recidivism rates annually, we are appalled that a negligible amount of those treated are maintaining their sobriety and their treatment gains after each episode of treatment. Many individuals are receiving multiple episodes of treatment and continuing to remain in active addiction.

Our goal is to provide services in a way that is different from what is currently being offered in the mainstream substance abuse community. We do this by:

•All of our staff will be licensed therapists or  registered interns for a CAC (certified addiction counselor) or CAP (certified addiction professional) in the state of Florida.

•NCAT (Non-Combative Addiction treatment) Psycho-educational model in conjunction with motivational interviewing and solution focused therapy

•Break Free Plan- guests will be escorted home by a counselor to assist them with the reintegration process i.e. getting home sober, family session, and introduction to sponsor and meetings…

•Educating on the 12 steps from Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous into the therapeutic program in-house rather than shipping them off to local meetings where limited gains are realized if any…

•Providing weekly supervision to “all” staff members to focus how to be a “Substance Abuse Professional,” and always maintaining professional integrity.

•We have a team philosophy which promotes a positive peer environment.

•The spiritual aspect of the psycho-therapy model will come from the holistic spiritual model of Spirit, Mind, and Body (SMB)

Please take a moment to review our website and short video at We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we will be able to continue our efforts for successful treatment. You are always welcome to visit our treatment center and community housing.


Best Regards,


Dan Callahan, MSW

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