Sean, Pop & the Hitman

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Here is one to pass around if you will!

Early in the morning on Thursday December10, 2009 my dad got an alarming phone call.  The caller claimed to be my son Sean.  He actually called my dad “Pop” which is what he is widely known as by all.  He is a 74 year old burly Irishman that knows everyone in town.  The caller who my dad thought was his grandson Sean, said “hey Pop, I am in some trouble in Canada and I need your help!  I was with a friend and he had drugs in the car, I did not know about them and the police officer arrested us both. I need $5,000 to get bailed out”.

The young man on the phone said that my dad needs to call Sergeant Brower at the police station at (514) 652-7991 for the details and hung up.  Well my dad got worried and made the call.  He was told that he should go to Western Union and send $5,000 to bail bondsmen in the UK, Lucas Torres at120 Carson Avenue, London UK.

So my dad got in his car drove to Western Union and filled out the paperwork to wire $5,000 a total bill of $5,250!  But they refused the transaction due to the fact he was using a credit card.  They informed him he needed to go get cash.  So my dad drove to the bank to withdraw the money.  The bank asked him why he needed such an amount, so he told them.  The bank manager came over and discussed it with him and said this sounds fraudulent.  Did you call your son?

My dad simply said no I called the Sergeant I did not want to upset my son with this!  Fortunately, that stopped my dad in his tracks.  When my dad called me I was on the phone with Sean coincidentally.  I said Pop I just hung up with Sean he is in Florida working!

Well my dad went to the police, who did nothing they would not even take a report.  He is going to the local FBI office my dad is probably the only guy on Long Island that actually knows where it is, to file a report.  We traced the number to a Montreal prepaid cell phone.  We have no idea how they got the names correct, my dad as Pop and that he had a grandson named Sean!

My son filed an FBI report last night also.  The agent informed him that they have other complaints on file with the same number.  They call the tactic a form of the Hit-man Scheme, that is give us the money or else!  A form of kidnapping I presume.

I said to my dad what made you believe that Sean would get arrested like that?  He said, hell I had you and I got used to those calls 30 years ago! I wanted to print this to get the word out that one more scam exists and those of us in the recovery community are susceptible due to the fact that a family member may believe it to be true based upon the past.

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