Saying Thank You

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Defined in “Thanks” to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment to: She thanked them for their hospitality. Saying Thank You is ingrained in us at an early age. It is the simplest thing to say and it impacts people in wondrous ways. Everyone enjoys being appreciated. Take some time this week to say “Thank You” to everyone you meet along the way.

Today’s Blog is a great big Thank You to people that have been in my life for many years and people that are new to my world.

Lets start with Bruce Brown, my son calls him B=MC2. Bruce is the guy that directed us to handle our own SEO and web site development and updates. He spent hours with Rick and Ryan teaching and coaching them utilizing “White Hat” tactics to get our site up in the search engine rankings. Today a measly few months later The Last Resort Panama sits above all other rehabs under the keywords “Drug and Alcohol Rehab”. It is a pleasure to be friends with Bruce, Sharon and their children. Thank You Bruce!

A quick Thank You goes out to Bruce number one for his assistance in the early stages and for the introduction to B=MC2. Thank You Bruce!

To some new friends and colleagues. First are Dennis and Lina the newlyweds. Dennis and Lina believed in our project right from the start. Without their gracious investment in our cause none of this could have occurred. Thank You Dennis and Lina!

Carol Adler has been nothing short of spectacular as a friend and advisor. I think Carol lives on her computer. I send an email within minutes I have an answer. Carol is the CEO of the publishing company Dandelion Books. You can look her up at Thank You Carol!

Petyamarina Corby “Pett” is a person with a cause and is on a mission to make an impact in this world. Her commitment to global change is staggering. Pett is one of those people that you can ask for assistance and know that she is happy to lend a hand. Visit her at Thank You Pett!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Diana Nightingale. Her late husband Earl is the founder of bringing self-improvement to the “Spoken Word” arena. His recording of “The Strangest Secret” is the starting point of what has become a multi billion-dollar industry. Diana has carried the message with grace and elegance and has made her mark o the industry as well. In fact she has recently released a wonderful boxed set of “The Nightingale Library”. You can find Diana and the set at Thank You Diana!

Donna Classi is my friend for over 10 years. Donna is one of those people that speak her mind when her gut tells her to. Donna knew before I did that my retirement from human service was premature. If it were not for her persistence and willingness to share that belief with me there would be no Recovery Center today. Thank You Donna!

There are three people that have taught me how to operate or build a team. Diane Johnson’s leadership and supervision taught me how to treat everyone fairly but not the same. Her approach is second to none. Ellen taught me how to be an effective administrator in human service and how to stay true to the cause and be effective in the world of bureaucracy. Paul helped me to develop the right priorities in business. A telephone and the willingness to use it is priority number one, two and three. When in doubt do not panic, grind it out. Thank You Diane, Ellen and Paul!

Till Tomorrow,

Dan ☺

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