Role Models

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As a kid I looked up to my dad.  My dad was an athlete he competed in the firefighter drills in NY State and was recognized as the best in the State.  He held the NY State record for scaling a twenty five foot ladder.  However, one day I found a new role model it was alcohol.  I remember the sense of euphoria I felt when I began to drink.  I also remember getting very sick.  My friends told me I drank too much too fast.  They suggested that I eat bread and drink milk before I went out drinking with them again.  Funny how that works, I remember my mom making fish sticks and fries one night for dinner.  They were so good with the cocktail sauce.  I ate so many of those fish sticks I got sick.  Weird, I have never had a fish stick since!  In fact if I smell fish sticks my stomach turns.  Yet, alcohol I continued to drink.

My role model went from my dad to all the cool people that drank alcohol.  Then I began to smoke pot.  Wow, more role models worked their way into my life.  Eventually the only thing I cared about was partying.  In high school I would arrive at the school and walk straight to the back of the school to see who was out partying.  I would party with anyone, I fit in with anyone that was not going to school that day.  Well it doesn’t take much to figure out that the story goes on and on into a hole.

Today, my role models are folks like Jack 80 years old and sober 50 years.  Like Tom & Linda, my Pastor, Claudio and his wife Maria, Kevin who recently ruptured his Achilles tendon and chooses to steer clear of the opiate pain killers because he does not want to go back!  The hundreds and thousands of people I know that have gone to hell and back and today walk, talk and act like the people they have become, recovered or spiritual leaders.  People willing to lend a hand to folks that are struggling where they have walked in the past, only to overcome the obstacles.  That is where I keep my eyes today.     Fixed on wellness!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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