Rigorous Honesty

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“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”
– Leo Tolstoy

When faced with the concept of Honesty I thought quite humbly I might add, “I’m Honest”.  But, when “Rigorous” was tossed into the mix, well that got me thinking!  In my addiction I learned at a very young age that the truth will get you hurt.  For instance, when I got arrested for shoplifting even though I was caught with the 6 pack of beer under my coat, I lied!  “No sir, I am not stealing this, I forgot my ID and I knew you would not allow me to buy it so I am taking it and when I return later today with my ID I was going to pay for it!”

Well needless to say when the police came my lies continued.  I did not give up my name (in fear of my father finding out) and forgot the whole idea of the ID thing cause I was only 16!  I simply denied having the beer.  A conspiracy!  Well it did not take long and they got it out of me, my dad showed up and forced me to sign a statement that I stole the beer.  When it came time to see the judge my attorney told my dad that I never should have signed anything.  That honesty gave the court the upper hand!

I remember one time playing hooky from school.  The school called our home and my mom said, “heck no he is not home I dropped him off at school this morning!”  I lied and lied and lied to my mom and dad.  I remember my mom said to me, “stop lying and tell the truth, it will be much easier for you.”  So I broke down and said I was hanging out with my friends!  Well, I got a whipping like you would not believe.

When I heard the word rigorous honesty I began to cringe.  Every time I have been honest it has come back to haunt me, this I will not do!  I was fortunate to have a mentor that walked me through this process.  I am grateful that I have slowly washed away that which is not gold.  Honesty is freeing, it allows us to walk tall with our heads held in esteem and not fear.  Life is good and gets better and better every day….

Keep smiling!

Dan 🙂

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