Rest in Peace

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Today I attended the funeral of Jeremiah Paldino, September 14, 2004 to September 3, 2010.  Just eleven days shy of his sixth birthday.  Jeremiah was the son of Bill and Shannon the Villas Wesleyan Youth Pastors.  It was extremely sad with the family of now nine, seven children and the parents.  The grandparents, friends, and other family members were in attendance.  Jeremiah was born with some medical conditions and on Thursday he passed away and now is at home with the Lord.  It is a tragedy to lose a child.

As I sat there today, saddened by this loss of this life, a young life, I began to contemplate and think about how precious life is yet how short it can sometimes be.  I thought about how at times I have taken it and the people around me for granted.  I thought about how much I want to be an impact to others.  How grateful I am to have been blessed to make it this far.  As I sat and mourned the loss of this child I began to realize that what I was thinking was significantly different than what I used to think.  I no longer found myself asking God why?  How could this happen to a child?  Surely these are appropriate and maybe others were asking this, but for me it is a question that I can not answer sufficiently.  It is one of those things best left for the day we meet.

Today I pray for Jeremiah and the family.  Rest in peace, our little friend!

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