RESPONSIBILITY is the key to recovery

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Responsibility is the key to recovery.

Well right after I say I am going to focus more on self-improvement here I go with a word on treatment and recovery.  I am not really sure when it started to take place but some time after Bill met Bob in the 1930’s the disease concept began to take a turn for the worse.  We began to utilize the disease concept as a way to excuse our behavior.   As the treatment community embraced this aspect of the challenge of addiction, alcoholism and substance abuse the afflicted reached deep down and to the detriment of their lives used it to make excuses to continue to drink or drug.

Personally, I can only speak of my experience over the past 30 plus years.  The word I want to embrace today is “Responsibility”.  We are in an age of entitlement and that is the most frustrating challenge I have ever experienced.  Recently, a fellow I know went out and got him self intoxicated, he called it a “relapse, his disease was triggered by another fellow drinking the week before”!  Are you kidding me?

Look I am not foolish it took me nearly eight years to make the decision to recover.  I was 19 and had no real interest in not drinking for the rest of my life.  So for me to say I relapsed or that the disease got me, like it came from behind and snatched my recovery from me would be ridiculous.  I was never an honest or active participant in recovery until April 14, 1988.  Prior to that I was on the outskirts and dishonest.

I recognize that you can argue with me that prior to that true inner admission of defeat I was active in the disease of addiction.  Realize this, I am not talking about whether addiction and alcoholism is or is not a disease!  The truth is that there is a way to get to the core of what makes us change or at least want to change.  Then and only then we must take action.  The action for me was the twelve steps, for others it comes from similar processes.  But the process is usually extremely similar in nature, yes even for those that love to tell you they are unique or have a unique non-12-step approach, it is the same.

When you follow the protocol to recovery you then move on and focus on your life!  For instance a 12-step model would be steps 1,2, & 3 as the decision making process, after that you are ready to recover, then 4,5,6,7,8, & 9 are the work that brings you to humanity!  They are the action steps that get you to fulfill your decision. Ten, eleven and twelve becomes the guiding principles for living a productive, happy, joyous and free life!

That is the beginning of responsibility.  You focus on your life, you work to attain a better life, you leave the entitlement mentality behind you.  No one, not your mommy nor your daddy owes you anything!  Nothing!  Will you need some help once in a while?  You bet, but is it owed to you?  Not a chance!  Will you make mistakes?  You bet!  Will you fail at times?  Yes you will.  Will you fail to meet your responsibilities at times?  Yup!  But no one owes you a thing except, opportunity and opportunity comes from God, a gift not a right.

If you want to attain a clean and sober life, if you want happiness there is a way out.  If you want to know how, go to a meeting, that won’t work?  Read the 400 articles in this Blog.  That won’t work?  Go to rehab.  That won’t work?  Then pay me. Don’t ask cause you can’t afford me.

Pay?   What about freely it has been given and freely shall you give? Pay?  Yup, $10,000 a week or $25,000 a month, I have done this for free with people and guess what most of them do?  They take it for granted cause everything we get in life for free we take for granted.  I must be honest I get phone calls often for help, most people are looking to use government funds, more entitlement!  They attend the treatment center and get filled with the typical treatment talk and culture then head home and do what they want.  Then there are those that have multiple attendance records in rehab and they become the pro’s they compare and contrast the facilities and become the new “Utilization and Review” officer of the facility.

I am also not talking about mom and dads money, cause mom and dad can’t want it for you more than you want it!  I am talking about you taking responsibility for you!  Here is my promise to you, if you follow what I say, do what I do for at least a year, and you don’t recover I’ll give your money back!

Please understand, this is not an attempt to advertise my services, I only do this sporadically and I’m extremely selective when and with whom I work with.  The real point is that simply going to meetings, following the steps or protocol suggested and then thrusting your life into your life you can attain recovery!  Live a life of responsibility and take action, anything else is BS!

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