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“Every time you respond in a certain fashion, it gets easier and easier
to respond.” – Marshall Sylver

E + R = O Event Plus Response Equals Outcome.

As an alcoholic I was explosive at times, and to be honest in early recovery I found myself popping as well. What I have found is when I “React” to negative stimuli the result is generally negative. It wasn’t until I began to utilize I/E Intellect Over Emotion that I began to “Respond” to any challenge that comes my way. When I respond to negative stimuli I am more successful communicating my position on the issue.

Recovery is about growing up. I learned early on by some wise people, don’t give up when you fail. Bend don’t break! Don’t drink even if your ass falls off… No matter the challenge, no matter the impact of the failure, drinking or drugging will not make it any better. Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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