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Nothing on ‘Relapse’ and very little on ‘Recovery’ was produced by me. Eminem

I was driving and listening to a Podcast and the speaker started to talk about “Relapse” and the idea that relapse is part of the recovery process.  I started to think of my experience early on in recovery and what I thought about the process.  I did not have any recollection of people talking about relapse as they seem to chat about today.  In fact, the word we used then was not relapse we simply said, “the guy picked up!”  It wasn’t an expectation for someone to not stay sober.  Sure, it happened but usually to the folks that never really embraced recovery or sobriety!

I never thought that drinking or drugging was an option.  I heard people share about it, I remember some of the pontificators say, “we are all one arm’s length away from a drink!”  I never bought that, my thought was, “nope, I am twelve steps away from a drink!”  That was not a cocky thought by all means.  It was a belief, it was ingrained into my thinking.  I was sober and planned to remain that way.  I could not imagine going back to the disappointment, frustration, and waste of my life that drinking and drugging lead me to!  I was no longer willing to be a disappointment to my family, friends, or myself!

Focus on recovery, living your life with dignity, honesty and purpose and relapse is not an option!


Go, Go, Go…



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