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“Only teach those that want to learn.” – Marshall Sylver

In 2008, I set out on a journey to assist individuals seeking recovery from alcoholism and addiction. We built The Last Resort Recovery Center in Panama Central America. However, we had a few negative issues we were not prepared for at the time. First, we were taken advantage of by unscrupulous marketers. They took us for well over $10,000 but more importantly they hurt us by the fact we drew no clients for the first few months. Thus a huge loss in working capital on top of the money we paid them.

Besides the challenges we faced we helped many people in their journey to recover. But the fiscal damage done set us up for long term struggles. We were forced to shut Panama down and sell the infrastructure to just break even. But, the results we accomplished and the lessons we learned kept me focused on eventually opening a Recovery Center that is an alternative to traditional rehab in Florida.

Billionaire Richard Branson of the Virgin Companies is noted as building effective companies based upon the ineptitude in an industry. He see’s a need, feels a passion to address the need and then does a better job. In fact, Virgin Airways was founded when he as well as 50 other passengers were stranded in Puerto Rio on their journey to the Virgin Islands by an American Airlines strike. Branson at the time decided to charter a plane and charged each passenger $39 to get to their destination. He then made the decision to purchase a 747 and launch an airline, Virgin Atlantic!

As most of you know the addiction treatment industry is in need of help to say the least. After nearly thirty years in human service and a quarter century in recovery myself I am ready to take on this challenge. I know that we can and will build an effective recovery center designed to bring recovery to those that not only need it but actually want it. The center will be cost effective with a program designed to incrementally walk people through the recovery process for life long recovery.

The center will start small with 6 men move to 12 and then add a center for women as well. As you know my program is designed around motivating people to take action, offer the tools to do so, and guide them through every step of the process.  We will succeed and here is why, first our program is second to none, second we have the marketing arm in place to keep our center full year round with a waiting list!

But without you I can not accomplish this fete. You may or may not be aware of “Crowdfunding”. If you follow current events, the Bus Monitor in Rochester had a gentleman post a vacation funding request for her on a Crowdfunding site. People then rally around that cause and give money.  I am asking you to do the same for this great cause.  We have registered to raise $60,000 the necessary start-up funds through

Visit us here: MicroGiving Please spread the word, give to this project, and ask three friends to do the same! I know that we all get hit with requests but this I am asking as a personal favor, help me help people! Life is good!!!!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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