Recovery v. Treatment

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Big Man, this is a reply to your post about the “alcoholic condition being lifted”. At meetings, more and more, I hear that the “alcoholic mind” remains delusional forever, regardless that you are no longer drinking and activating your alcoholism. This, to me, goes against everything I believe AA stands for. I hear often that you can’t think for yourself. I believe in reaching out to others for advice and wisdom but the shit I’m hearing at meetings these days is scary. It’s almost like there’s been a hijacking away from the true intent of AA. It’s great that you post stuff out of the Big Book. Talk to you soon, — Kevin

Bill W.

This is a note I received from my long time friend Kevin. The truth is that this culture has been building for many years now. The infiltration of “Treatment” into the Mutual Support Groups of the Twelve Step process. Guys and gals cite statistics and treat sponsorship as if they are a members therapist. Worst of all is the idea that what they take away from a therapist is that the therapist has the right to tell the client what they “should” be doing. Call me Crazy but the last I knew the client pays the therapist to assist them in their process to overcome addiction and they are not the dictator.

Furthermore, too many therapists have the idea that they are in charge and will direct the client in the process rather than lead them to the answers the client seeks answers to. This spill over into AA or the other Mutual Support groups has been going on for decades. Does it work? Well in my opinion you need only look at the results. In the early years of AA the approximate recovery rate was 75%, today you would win the Noble Peace Prize for those results. The World Health Organization would be knocking at your door…

I could write on this subject for hours, the truth is this culture penetrates every aspect of the “Treatment” and “Recovery” process.  For instance, insurance companies have case managers that tell the therapists what they want to see and how to “treat” the client. The licensing, accreditation and regulating bodies come in to audit treatment centers and they demand certain treatment protocols, ineffective protocols to say the least I might add. Recovery is a business, inadvertently that business mindset has infiltrated recovery.

So how do we turn this around? First recognize that life is good. You have a choice and so do those folks that make their way into the process that you come into contact with. Treat them well, encourage them to take the suggested steps that are time tested and successful. Teach them to respect others opinions and allow people to grow as they choose. More to come…

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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