“Recovery Thinking, 90-Days to Change Your Life!”

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When you indulge the “creature” it gains power! — Dan Callahan

So it has been an exciting 12 hours with the release of my first commercial book, “Recovery Thinking, 90-Days to Change Your Life!. When the email came that it was approved and listed I was so ecstatic words can’t express the joy and pride I felt! Of course, after it was submitted I remembered people that I wanted to thank but that is the nature of things, my apologies if you are one of them.

I wanted to make a point about the book so people know what I was and am trying to project. It is not a self-help book, it is not a How-To book, is is more of a book of expressing How I see things, my experience, and how I took it to the next level. Notice the title is not a how to title it is factual, it does not say “How to Change Your Life in 90-Days” it says “90-Days to Change Your Life”.

I am positive of this if you spend 90 days of developing these strategies your life will be beyond your wildest dreams! Not hopefully, it WILL! How do I know? Because I did it! This is not a book of theory it is a book of proven successful strategies that work 100% of the time! It is not about How to get sober as much as it is about how to take your sober life up a notch or ten!

I am so excited about the release, Amazon Kindle is up, Nook via Barnes and Noble will be out by Monday, the E-Book is on www.HappyRecovery.com, www.Rehabs.org, www.Rehab-Programs.org, and the paper version will be a week or so. I will keep you posted!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and purchase the book!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂


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